Future Creating Workshop in Benwell

On the 6th May, Imagining Community in Benwell: a Future Creating Workshop and Family Fun Day was held at the Riverside Community Health Project (Carnegie Building) in Benwell. Facilitated by Mary Brydon Miller (a professor visiting Durham from the University of Cincinnati, US) about 40 children and parents attended the workshop/fun day.  The workshop started with a critique phase which asks everyone to identify any concerns they have about where they live. These are then sorted out on a display board to see what are the main concerns. This took about 45 minutes and then we all enjoyed the buffet.

After the buffet, the groups worked on the Utopian and Realisation Phases of the workshop. For the Utopian Phase everyone was asked to write or draw ‘Our Perfect Benwell’ – what would they like to see in their community. The Realisation Phase then asks everyone to consider – ‘how can you, your family, your school, your community MAKE THIS HAPPEN’ – in other words, this is where everyone can make pledges or commitments.

The workshop was very successful and there are follow up plans being made – so watch this space

Many Thanks to Bren and all the staff from Riverside who helped plan and coordinate the workshop/fun day and the table facilitators (Andrea Armstrong, Fred Robinson and Rachel Shah). Benwell Futures Workshop 6 May2015 022 Benwell Futures Workshop 6 May2015 001 Benwell Futures Workshop 6 May2015 003 Benwell Futures Workshop 6 May2015 004 Benwell Futures Workshop 6 May2015 014



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